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Autism Society SW New Jersey Affiliate 532 is a support group for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Our main goal is to act as an information clearinghouse and resource center for families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders by providing information on legal rights, educational programs and treatment options. This Affiliate also sponsors many social activities for the entire family throughout the year.

Membership is free and our member services include:

Parent Support Group Meeting (April, October, December)
Networking with other parents that can share experiences or help other members with ideas and information from their own experience.
Member communication via a Yahoo Newsgroup
Website access
Family Activities - includes all family members (free for the person on the spectrum)
Local arcade / fun center events
Other events requested by our members
Trips to local attractions (small fee for some trips)
Monthly Bowling (small fee)
Holiday Parties- with gifts and prizes for all children in a family
Annual Holiday bus trip

Join our support group. See the Events Tab for details about our activities.

The Diagnosis Autism page has resources and information about autism for both the parents just receiving the diagnosis of autism for their child and experienced parents.  The Links Tab is an organized list of useful resources on a variety of topics related autism.



Don't forget, this Affiliate is a United Way supported agency / organization.  Any money donated to United Way listing the Autism Society SW New Jersey Affiliate 532 as the organization to receive the money helps us continue to bring our services free or almost free to all our members.

this page last updated 1/23/2013.